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Interventional Radiology

At Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists, our Long Island veterinary team provides diagnostic imaging and interpretation to diagnose medical conditions and develop treatment plans.

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Interventional Radiology (Digital X-Rays), Long Island Vet

Our Interventional Radiology Services

At Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists' two hospitals on Long Island, we have integrated interventional radiology with our diagnostic capabilities, leading to more immediate treatment. 

These images provide our specialists and veterinarians, in addition to the primary care veterinarians who refer patients to us, the opportunity to share patient information in an efficient manner. 

What is interventional radiology?

Interventional radiology involves the use of fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, endoscopy and MRI to guide biopsies, catheter insertion, fluid drainage, pacemaker placement and valve or vessel dilation and stenting.

These procedures are less painful and minimally invasive for patients. 

We also offer treatment options for patients with numerous conditions that cannot be treated or managed with surgery.

These conditions would normally be associated with excessive morbidity, high cost or poor outcomes. However, with interventional radiology, we can determine a treatment path that will work for your pet.

Interventional Radiology Services

Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists is fortunate to have the equipment, staff and expertise to perform:

  • Tracheoplasty (tracheal stenting)
  • Intrahepatic portosystemic embolization
  • Transarterial embolization of hepatic tumors
  • Urethral stenting
  • Embolization of arteriovenous malformations
  • Vascular nasal embolization of intractable epistaxis
  • Vascular foreign body retrieval
  • Percutaneous nephrostomy tube placement
  • Antegrade placement of urinary catheter
  • Biliary drainage
  • Vascular stenting and angioplasty
  • Thrombolytic vascular procedures

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