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Patient Information

Your pets are our priority. Knowing what to expect and how to be prepared for your appointment at Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists will make the process quicker and more pleasant for both you and your pet.

What to Expect at an Appointment

Get Settled

Please come 20 minutes early for your first appointment so you have time to fill out our New Patient Form. You can also complete the form online. 

Bring your completed Referral Form from your vet with you. Your vet should also attach any pertinent diagnostic and/or lab test results to the referral. If they do not, please ask for a copy prior to your appointment.

This form provides our specialists with relevant medical information including the present medical condition and all current medications. 

When you arrive, check in with our friendly team member at the front desk.

IMPORTANT: For the safety of our clients and patients, please have your pet controlled on a leash or in a carrier. Loose pets will not be tolerated.

Meet Your Specialist & Discuss Your Pet

You and your pet will have the opportunity to meet (and get some scratches from) one of our board-certified specialists.

Your pet's medical history will be reviewed by a member of our specialty team, and you will discuss their health issues. There will be time to address any questions and concerns you may have. 

Examination, Diagnosis & Treatment

Once a complete physical exam has taken place and we have assessed your pet, you will be provided with a diagnosis and treatment options.

We may also need to perform further testing in one of our diagnostic areas.

Your veterinary specialist will work with you to determine a suitable treatment plan for your pet, including treatment options and costs. 

If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, we greatly appreciate at least 24 hours notice. Please call us so we can reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time.

New Patient Information, Long Island Vet

Our Pet Care Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the highest quality specialty and emergency veterinary care to our client's pets, aiding with your pet's recovery, health and happiness. 

We act as an extension of your primary care veterinarian and are here to put your mind at ease during this difficult time. 

We proudly serve pet owners and veterinarians in Long Island and beyond by providing advanced level services not generally available in family practices. 

We will work closely with your family veterinarian and our network of specialists to provide the best treatment possible for your pet. 

Patient FAQs

We often receive questions from patients about our services and procedures. You may find the answer to yours in these FAQs:

  • Do I need a referral from my veterinarian to schedule an appointment?

    To make an appointment with one of our board-certified specialists, you must be referred to Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists by your family veterinarian.

    Your vet will provide you a completed Referral Form to bring with you at the time of your appointment.

    This form will provide our specialists will all the pertinent medical information about your pet including the presenting problem, current medications and all relevant diagnostic and lab testing. All you need for an appointment is your referral form and, of course, your fur baby!

    However, if your pet requires emergency care, please contact our hospital right away. Do not delay care! No appointment or referral is required for emergencies. We are available 24/7/365 for emergency care. You and your pet will always be seen by a veterinarian. We’re here for you!

    Specialty Services

  • What are your hours for specialty services?

    Generally, our specialists offer appointments Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm at our locations in Farmingdale in Bohemia. However, we understand these hours may not work for everyone.

    We are happy to make accommodations whenever possible and will do our best to work around your schedule.

    Our top priority is the health and happiness of your beloved pet! Don’t delay. Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

    Book A Referral Appointment

  • Do you have an appointment cancellation policy?

    If, for any reason, you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, we greatly appreciate at least 24-hour notice. Give us a call so we can reschedule your appointment at a more convenient time.

    Please understand that while we do not have a cancellation policy, we do request your consideration in doing your best to respect the schedules of our veterinary team. Thank you!

  • Which animals will you treat at your hospital?

    We provide specialty and emergency veterinary care to cats and dogs.

  • What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

    Your pet should fast for 12 hours prior to the appointment. Water is okay but no food should be consumed during this period (except for very young animals, animals with diabetes or as directed otherwise).

    Continue your pet’s normal medication schedule and bring all medications with you.

  • Do you offer medical boarding services?

    Yes. We have a medical boarding facility to offer medical care to cats and dogs as they recover from surgery or procedures at .

  • Can I visit my pet if they are hospitalized?

    Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists understands how important it is to you and your family to remain updated on your pet’s condition.

    If your pet is hospitalized, we encourage you to make regular visits! Your familiar faces can truly help your pet during the recovery process. To maintain our staff’s efficiency and ensure your pet receives the best possible care when staying with us, we offer two time frames for visitation.

    Visitation hours are seven days a week between the hours of 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Should there be any change in your pet’s medical condition during the night, a doctor will contact you immediately.

    Occasionally, due to work schedules or other extenuating circumstances, we understand that these hours may be unrealistic for some pet parents.

    If that is the case, please speak to a hospital representative to make alternative visitation arrangements.

    Additionally, special consideration will be made for those clients who have critically or terminally ill pets.

Patient Testimonials

  • We've been spending a lot of time at Atlantic Coast as we use them for our rescue dogs. My little tiny Yorkie has a mess of a spine from genetic issues. The love he gets at his visits it amazing.
    Wendy Frohlich Caldwell

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