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Cat & Dog Dermatology

The veterinary dermatology department at Atlantic Coast New York Veterinary Specialists uses cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments to provide pets with the best possible care.

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Vet Dermatology Services for Pets

We offer the following advanced pet dermatology services on Long Island, which can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders:

  • Intradermal allergy testing*
  • Cutaneous (skin) test
  • Biopsy
  • Allergen specific immunotherapy 
  • Cytological techniques
  • CT scan of the middle ear

*Intradermal skin testing is the most reliable test in dogs and cats for allergy testing. It enables us to test for dozens of pet allergens such as trees, dander, weeds and more.

Common Skin Conditions in Cats & Dogs

Our vet dermatologist diagnoses and treats numerous chronic and inflammatory skin conditions in pets, including dander-related disorders, infectious skin diseases, and more.

Pet Dermatologist in Long Island | Veterinary Dermatologist Long Island

Board-Certified Vet Dermatologist

Our vet dermatologist has completed a residency at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Now a practicing dermatologist in Long Island, she has published numerous papers, book chapters and has lectured worldwide. She believes in the need to make pets as equally healthy as human beings.

Meet Dr. Norma White-Weithers

Vet Dermatologist on Long Island | Cat & Dog Dermatologist Near Me

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Dermatology Visit


We will ask a series of questions to learn about your pet's background and help us to diagnose the condition. We will then use one of the diagnostic options in our lab to determine the cause of your pet's skin condition. 

Cat & Dog Dermatology Treatment Plan

Once we determine the cause of your pet's skin condition, we can develop a plan to treat it. Treatment may entail a shampoo/conditioner, ear flush, prescription medication, allergy vaccine or a simple change to your pet's environment. All pet allergy vaccines are mixed in-house, allowing for faster, more affordable refills. 

If it's determined that an incurable treatment will require long-term treatment, we can work collaboratively with your primary care veterinarian to customize a plan to fit your pet's needs. 

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